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Appirio, a Wipro company, is an information technology consulting company headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana (United States) that offers technology and professional services to companies wishing to adopt public cloud applications. This includes Software-as-a-Service and Platform-as-a-Service technologies like Salesforce.com, and Google Apps.


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Product Manager (Former Employee) says

"This is not a great place to work. A good portion of the employees are fine, but there are quite a few that are rude, dismissive and have too high of an opinion of themselves. I would not recommend working here."

Associate Portfolio Manager (Former Employee) says

"I more or less had a pleasant time at Aperio, but it was clear from the beginning that I would only spend a couple of years there at most."

Investment Analyst (Former Employee) says

"I sent my resume to a few places, looking for a local job. My wife and I own a successful business that has later (and limited) work hours, so I had a lot of free time. I realized a friend worked there and I was encouraged to join. I interviewed with 15 people over three separate three-hour interviews. I really felt the interview with the CEO went extremely well. We seemed to really hit it off. Naturally, I was very excited to start. During the first two weeks hardly anyone in operations trained me mainly because it was so busy which I totally understood. I spent most of my time reading through manuals. I did find the work interesting since I never worked in the equity markets before. My manager was clearly unhappy with my progress as he berated me on a weekly basis, either in meetings or on the floor in front of my co-workers. It seemed to be getting better as I was given more responsibility and my own accounts after eight weeks. Shortly after, my manager handed me my most severe scolding in front of the group. He was very belittling and obviously very unprofessional. A few minutes later, I requested we have a private meeting. I asked if he could find a different way to communicate and told him I was going home stressed each night. I said if he wasn’t happy, then to please consider moving me to another group as there was an opening. Although junior to what I was doing, I was willing to make the move. He fired me the following week. When he walked me out, after having a two minute meeting with HR he asked if I had any questions. I said I have many questions Cons: My manager"

Thomas Cash says

"1) I expected better quality. A very tinny noise at elevated levels. 2) If I would have known these were made in China, I would not have purchased. I thought Aperion was made in the USA."

Antonina Arde says

"I just bought a pair of aperion super tweeter and very disappointed it didn’t sound good as I expected. It was very weak hardly hear it. Even if you put your ears directly to it. I even run it direct to the amp by itself and still sound like whispering. It’s a waste of money and I wouldn’t recommend it."

Mark Castellano says

"Great customer service, prompt and courteous. Also very helpful with acoustical set up! I love My speakers."

John says

"Paid over $1000 for a subwoofer. Luck for me the first time it died it was just inside the warranty. Second time not so lucky. They tell me they did not even manufacture this sub. It has another companies components inside. I feel like I got taken. And I have a $1000 paperweight. Last time I buy from them. BTW I have 2 of their tower speakers and 2 center speakers as well. No issues."